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What are the best electric cars in New Zealand?  Going green could soon be the best option for millions of Kiwi drivers!

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It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of driving an electric car was seen as a bit of a novelty. 

But has a previously expensive option become a more accessible alternative to fuel? And if so, who is ahead of the trend when it comes to electrical automotives?

At Comparity compare all kinds of electric car insurance, from plug-in hybrids through to self-charging electrics, so we’ve found out who’s buying electric cars and the most popular brands.

The Tesla Model 3 is the car everyone is after
Not only is Tesla the most popular electric car brand, their Model 3 made up 22% of our car insurance quotes, making it the most popular model on the market. The Nissan Leaf came in second place with 18.7%, while Tesla completed the top three with 10.9% of quotes for the Model X.

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So whos driving electric cars in New Zealand

Kiwi Retirees and company directors drive more electric cars than any other profession

With some electric cars being more expensive than traditional fuel powered vehicles, it’s no surprise to see that their drivers commonly have higher earning jobs or the savings to spend. Retirees make up 10.5% of all electric vehicle (EV) owners, while company directors account for 8%.

Unlike other cars, EVs are difficult to sell second hand due to the way their batteries depreciate.So most vehicles are sold new, making their price points higher than that of a used model.

IT consultants (1.3%) and students (1.4%) own fewer electric cars than any other profession.


The occupations that are most likely to drive electric vehicles



% of total EV owners*





Company Director






Software Engineer



Managing Director









Project Manager



Student (living at home)



IT Consultant


Comparity Data 2022


The Tesla Model-3 is the most expensive electric car to buy in New Zealand. 

Out of the top twenty most expensive cars quoted, our data reveals Tesla and Nissan reign supreme. Tesla’s Model-3 and Nissan’s Leaf range accounted for 60% of the top 20 most expensive cars.

New Zealand Men and women both prefer the Tesla Model-3

In yet another list that the Tesla Model-3 comes out on top, the gender split shows the Model-3 to be the most popular with men and women drivers. In fact, the top three were all the same for both groups, with the BMW i3 in second and the Nissan Leaf Tekna in third.

It was only at the bottom of the table where things were drastically different – men really don’t rate the Polestar 2, while women stay away from the Kia Niro.

Whatever electric car you’re driving, Comparity New Zealand could help make it more affordable

With electric cars only set to increase in popularity, there’s never been a better time to leave petrol stations behind and turn to a life of plug-in charging. We’ll help you compare insurance quotes on all kinds of electric car makes, from specialist electric car insurers through to the best deals from the most popular names on the insurance market.

Not only will you be helping save the environment, you could be saving money too.

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