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Finding the best mobile plan for Kiwis 

Finding the best cell phone plan in New Zealand can be a great way to rein in your monthly costs, even as prices on other goods and services continue to rise. Whatever you’re paying now for your monthly wireless service, there’s a good chance that there’s a better, cheaper plan out there — and usually, it’s available from the best phone carriers.

At Comparity we’re continually checking the prices on what carriers charge to see what’s new and how it impacts our best cell phone plan rankings. That’s because carriers shuffle up their options so frequently that the plan you currently have may no longer be the best option available.

Theres more to picking the best cell phone plan than just selecting the cheapest option. Kiwis need to consider which phones are supported by which wireless carriers and what coverage and data speeds are like in the area where you’ll use your phone the most.  It also helps to get a plan from a top phone carrier so that your service comes with some solid perks.


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Is there a new, better handset on the way?

You don’t want to be paying top dollar, for two or three years, for a handset that will be out of date in two months’ time. Search for terms like ‘new iPhone’ or ‘Samsung rumours’ to see what may be coming. That said, ‘last year’s model’ can still have great ‘specs’ and become great value when discounted.

Are data allowances going up or down?

We can probably safely assume plans will only ever include increasing amounts of data – another reason you may not want to be stuck with an out-of-date plan.

Are plans going up or down in price?

Just as you don’t want to lock in a high interest rate on your mortgage, nor do you want to be stuck with what will become an increasingly expensive plan over the next few years in comparison to newer, better deals.

If I change my plan, will my upgrade eligibility date be reset?

No, your device upgrade eligibility won’t be affected by a plan change.

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