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Getting away from the routine can give us Kiwis some well needed rest and time to recharge but it can also come at the expense of wasted time if you’re not organised.

Luckily, a little planning can go a long way in helping you cut back on unnecessary expenses whatever type of holiday you want to book.

Where you’re off to Fiji, Bali or even off to Europe… Comparity have put together some helpful tips and tricks to get bang for you buck on your next holiday.

As the popular saying goes “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” so if you fancy trying to bag yourself a free upgrade, try politely emailing the hotel ahead of time to express how much you're looking forward to your stay.

Comparity New Zealand

Do your research before you arrive

Holiday time is precious and should be spent resting, having fun, and exploring.

Before arriving at your location, always investigate the must-see attractions as well as the best-reviewed restaurants and pubs in the area where you’ll be staying.

On Google Maps, we then use the handy’ save as a starred place’ option. Save the important locations to your map and download an offline version of Google Maps so you can navigate without using data or WiFi while on the go. It’s a useful method that will save you a lot of time! You never know when you’ll come upon a location and wonder if there’s a nice bar, restaurant, or attraction nearby.

Don’t dismiss priority boarding

Low-cost airlines are notorious for charging more for things like extra luggage, seat selection, and priority boarding. However, there are situations when it’s worthwhile to pay for it.

Many European budget airlines now provide ‘add-on’ packages that include an extra hand-luggage bag and priority boarding for less than $20.

Priority boarding allows you to skip the rush to board the plane and keep your hand luggage comfortably before the crowd arrives. This can often be a lot for us kiwis travelling from 6million people to 40+ million populated countries. 

Comparity reckons it’s a little price to pay for less stress, do you agree? 

How to be a cheeky Kiwi and ask for an upgrade

As the popular saying goes “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” so if you fancy trying to bag yourself a free upgrade, try politely emailing the hotel ahead of time to express how much you’re looking forward to your stay.

Hotels will try their best to accommodate their guests requests so that they can ensure a positive rating and recommendation. If you forget to email, please inquire politely at reception. Comparity have found that hotels often given a special thought with those who have travelled from far overseas so lets capitalise on it Kiwis! 

The worst that could happen is that they say no, and if they do, accept it and move on. Normally it’ll be over email so you won’t even have to deal with the face to face same. 

Remember to pack those holiday gadgets

If you’re anything like us, you love any gadgets that make your life easier, and that includes travel! We’ve put together the below list of gadgets that are essential for any holiday.

  • Portable charger
  • Universal adaptor plug
  • Mini Bluetooth speaker

How to get a New Zealand zero free currency card

Even though buying currency online can usually get you a decent price, the best conversion rates can be found by using a special currency top-up or credit card.

These cards function similarly to debit/credit cards, allowing you to pay with chip and pin at your destination or withdraw cash from an ATM with no fees and some fantastic exchange rates.

Using one of these cards eliminates the risk of carrying big sums of cash and allows you to quickly withdraw money from an ATM whenever you want.

Compare zero free currency cards with Comparity 

Book your transfers and car rentals in advance

All us kiwis want to do after a long travel is get out of the airport, check into your hotel, and order a beer.

Pre-booking in advance allows you to avoid excessive airport taxi charges and ‘pay on the day’ vehicle rental rates. You’ll not only be more organised and know what you’re doing when you arrive, but you’ll also save money! Hey you could even have a sign with your name on it, what’s cooler than that eh? Ok just us… 

Download the local taxi app

Gone are the days of having to call for a taxi and trying to communicate your destination and pick-up point in another language.

Download a local taxi booking app and use Wi-Fi or data roaming allowance to book your journey for the ultimate convenience.

Download Uber 

Download Ola 

Download Taxi app 

How to keep all your important Kiwi travel documents safe

Travel documents are essential for everything from checking into your hotel, to signing off your car rental, activities and returning home.

Keep your passports in the hotel safe and carrying around a small, compact travel document wallet. It’s also worth keeping all your documents in one place so you won’t need to start searching in your bag when you need to get something out.

Get a holiday loan to finance your next adventure

If you’ve been dreaming for a beach vacation or an adventurous trip trekking through the mountains, our low-cost holiday loan can help you cover the cost so start packing your bags.

Our flexible financing options allow you to pay for your dream trip in monthly instalments over the course of up to five years, giving you more time to relax and enjoy creating those lifelong memories.

Borrow between $3000 and $80,000 with Comparity, compare prices and get booking your next holiday.